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Today, sustainability is driven by a strong sense of social responsibility that has taken root globally in the minds of many. IBL lighting GmbH innovates through strong existing and new resource-saving product developments which lead in the international market. Our understanding of efficiency is guided by the principles of recycling, upcycling & reuse. Recycling is particularly fundamental and includes not only proper disposal, but additionally, the sustainable recycling of old products.

As a company, our central goal is to increase efficiency with a special focus on environmental protection. In 2014, we advanced an even better version of our leitmotifs, through which their reuse significantly contributes to the reduction of the CO² footprint. Through persistently improving our work and production methods we actively mitigate the effects of climate change. We are committed to reduced aluminum processing, and focus on reductions to our packaging material and overall waste. 

Our company prioritises economical consumption of in-house energy through conscious use of electricity. This effort and our efficient technology work to lower climate-damaging CO2 emissions. 

We prioritise energy-saving technology. Compared to halogen and compact fluorescent materials, an IBL-LED uses approximately 80 percent less electricity. In the future, electric cars are planned for sales representatives. IBL lighting also plans to use solar energy to power its locations.

IBL lighting GmbH is focused on reducing packaging material and waste and reduced aluminium processing. Our company is also dedicated to finding the optimal carton volume that reduces waste while remaining efficient. The graphic to the right represents our sustainability in this area.